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Time for tea (in Myanmar)

One of the curiosities of traveling through South-East Asia is that if you enter Thailand over land (as we did, by boat), you are issued with a 15-day tourist visa.  If you fly in, you automatically qualify for a 30-day visa, but if you organise… Read More

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Guilt-free gluttony

Colin and I love food that is both tasty and nutritious.  Satisfying our taste-buds at the same time as feeling like we are being good to our bodies is the way we like to eat most of the time (i.e. those times when we are… Read More

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Peace, love, and Pai

The day we arrived in Thailand we took a mini-bus to Chiang Mai, five hours from the border crossing at Chiang Khong.  We were excited to go to Chiang Mai, a city much-loved by Western tourists, and known for it’s food, shopping and trekking.  However,… Read More