Whare by Neil Dawson, June 2010 at Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, Matakana, New Zealand
Home is created, in both a material and an emotional sense. It is never accomplished, always “becoming”, sometimes more complete, sometimes less. Home is also multiple: it’s the space within which I reside, the people whom I love, and a feeling of security and belonging. It’s the place where I grew up, my country of origin, and even my temporary room on holiday. The blog posts below feature some notion of home across past, present and future contexts. The posts are organised chronologically, beginning with our move to Australia in 2011, with the most recent posts focusing on our efforts to create a sense of home in Brisbane.

Artwork credit: “Whare” by Neil Dawson.  Photo taken June 2010 at Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, Matakana, New Zealand.

Far North | Dec 2015

Making home: Objets d’art (Part 2)
My home is green and gold

Small things chez moi
Being in Brisbane
Making home: Objets d’art

Still here

Journey north
Reflections on City
One year on: Party + cake
Where I’m from
I miss…

Thinking of NZ, again
Thinking of New Zealand, just briefly
What is a new life?
Small things
Scones on Saturday

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