Fishing at dawn - Doubtless Bay, Far North, New Zealand

I was given my first camera at age 12 and have loved to take photos ever since. For the longest time I used a Canon 400D but these days I shoot with the wonderful Canon 7D. Occasionally I write posts that focus on photography or feature essays driven by images I have captured:

Photo Collections/Essays
Bangkok, the rest
Being in Brisbane
How summer feels
Light and Shadow
My home is green and gold
Reflections on City
Road Trip
The Air Up Here
The Camera Never Lies (food bloggers do)
“Through falling leaves I pick my way slowly”
What to do with sad and mad | Nature photos | Part 2

Small Things series
Small things: Flowers & Fur
Small things chez moi
Small things (7D)
Small things, recently
Small things

Year in Review series
Look back, leap forward
The year that was: 2015
Old news, new memories
2013: 12 memories
2012: In review
The year that was: 12 images

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