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Reflections on City

Although I was born in Auckland, my parents shifted north when I was a baby.  My earliest memories thus, are of paddocks and gumboots and a river flowing with earthy water.  It wasn’t until I was 18 that I moved back to Auckland to attend… Read More

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Spring food and Smashed Broccoli Penne

The soups and porridge that dominated my winter are long gone, replaced by cravings for fresh strawberries, crunchy vegetables, greens, and lighter food in general.  Salads reign supreme. I’m back to my warm weather emergency-dinner staple, the I’m-so-hungry-I-can’t-cook meal of pre-cooked brown rice, a can… Read More

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Almond Crescents

So it seems that my new thing is to bake small biscuits or cookies to take to gatherings.  After hours of nibbling, drinking and eating BBQ, few people have the appetite for elaborate desserts or stodgy cake, but most can make room for a small… Read More

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