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How to cook courgette flowers

One of the best things about shopping at farmers markets is the potential to be surprised by the fleeting appearance of unusual and special produce rarely seen in supermarkets.  And so it was one morning at the Davies Park Market, when I spotted several trays… Read More

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Small things (7D)

I have a brand new camera: a simply wonderful Canon EOS 7D!  For nearly eight years I loved my Canon 400D, even though I only ever had the standard kit lens.  The 400D was a great entry-level prosumer camera for me, and  I resisted an… Read More

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Poached Pears with Thyme and Coriander

I haven’t used the oven in over three months since our kitchen-paint-job-gone-wrong resulted in polyurethane spray entering its interior via the vents in the door.  Given that polyurethane produces toxic gases when heated, we have diligently left the oven well alone all this time.  The… Read More

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