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Orange & Pistachio Granola

For the longest time, all I knew about “granola” was that it was some strange, American breakfast. I didn’t connect it with the toasted muesli that Mum made most summer holidays, or the soaked, bircher muesli I learned to make as an adult. I eventually… Read More

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Being in Brisbane

I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since we moved to Brisbane. It feels like just a short while ago that we said goodbye to our South East Asia holiday and flew to Australia. We were sad that our travels had ended and apprehensive of… Read More

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Lazy Sunday Brunch

The last few weeks have been big, in a whole range of ways. Three major work tasks which have taken months of planning all culminated simultaneously, requiring long hours and weekend overtime. We had an unexpected trip back to NZ because of a family emergency,… Read More

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