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Matakana Coast

Matakana Coast is a beautiful part of New Zealand. It was a favourite weekend getaway when we lived in Auckland because it was so easy – just pile into the car, take a short drive to the north, turn east at Warkworth and then take your… Read More

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Reflections on City

Although I was born in Auckland, my parents shifted north when I was a baby.  My earliest memories thus, are of paddocks and gumboots and a river flowing with earthy water.  It wasn’t until I was 18 that I moved back to Auckland to attend… Read More

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Autumn in Brisbane, and Spiced Pear Cake

While it’s officially winter already, I’m having a difficult time associating these coolish, dry Brisbane days with what I know and remember winter to be.  Back in Auckland, winter was about hunkering down, staying warm and fighting the damp that would inevitably seep its way… Read More

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