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Under-the-Weather Tea

It’s been a nasty winter for bugs and many people in our social and work circles have been felled by sickness. Colin and I usually get off pretty lightly and it’s years since we have both been properly sick with the kind of flu that… Read More

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Two Summer Salads

I complain about summer so often that I’ve been feeling a little guilty. If I’m honest, it’s not all heat and sweat and showering three times a day. Now that the temperature has dropped a little from the highs of January, it’s also long walks… Read More

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A Spring Soup

I want to call this Spring Soup but the fact remains that it features pumpkin and pearl barley rather than tender greens like asparagus and peas. This concerns me. I deeply feel that this soup wants to be called Spring Soup because, despite the presence of starchy… Read More

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