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Food for Friends: Tahini Cookies

Tahini Cookies are tender and melting; almost shortbread-ish if it weren’t for the sesame seeds that pop and crackle between your teeth. They are sweet with sugar and honey but somehow savoury and salty too. A generous proportion of tahini lends a warm, spicy richness that is mysterious… Read More

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Almond Crescents

So it seems that my new thing is to bake small biscuits or cookies to take to gatherings.  After hours of nibbling, drinking and eating BBQ, few people have the appetite for elaborate desserts or stodgy cake, but most can make room for a small… Read More

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Tahini, three more ways

Back in my undergraduate student days the only cookbook I owned was Alison Holst’s “Meals without Meat”.  I can confidently say that between 1993 and around 2005 I tried at least 50% of the recipes in that book, spurred on by a lengthy period of… Read More

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