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Food for Friends: Tahini Cookies

Tahini Cookies are tender and melting; almost shortbread-ish if it weren’t for the sesame seeds that pop and crackle between your teeth. They are sweet with sugar and honey but somehow savoury and salty too. A generous proportion of tahini lends a warm, spicy richness that is mysterious… Read More

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Wellington in November

The last time I was in Wellington was in early December 2009 when my sister and her boyfriend (now husband) joined Colin and I for a few days of pre-Christmas fun.  What ensued was slightly less than we had anticipated, because the infamous Wellington wind… Read More

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After a mere two weeks in my new job (let’s not take that new life too seriously, shall we?), I was lucky to be whisked away for a pre-organised trip back to New Zealand.  We spent three nights in Auckland, during which I attended my… Read More