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Small things chez moi

Some photos taken recently at my place, chez moi. Little details, really, continuing my interest in the play of light and shadow at home. We live in a small apartment with only pot plants for company, which means that the daily changes in our immediate surroundings are limited… Read More

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Small things (7D)

I have a brand new camera: a simply wonderful Canon EOS 7D!  For nearly eight years I loved my Canon 400D, even though I only ever had the standard kit lens.  The 400D was a great entry-level prosumer camera for me, and  I resisted an… Read More

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Light and Shadow

Slightly obsessed with shadows lately, not exactly sure why. The best shadows can be found in the early morning when the winter sun streams into our apartment.  We leave the blinds in the lounge open overnight purely for the pleasure of being bathed in golden… Read More