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Eat, Pray, Whatever

It’s not difficult to see why Bali is a very popular tourist destination: the landscapes are often very beautiful with rice fields and terraces everywhere, traditional Balinese compounds and temples lining the streets, and beaches that stretch endlessly along the coastline.  It also feels like… Read More

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One night in Luang Prabang

The journey from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang was the most incredible bus trip we have taken so far.  The terrain is impossibly mountainous, causing all traffic to crawl and wind, up, down and through the most dramatic landscape I have ever seen.  Towering hills, plunging… Read More

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Fear and loathing in Vang Vieng

Tourists and locals alike have mixed feelings about Vang Vieng.  Ten years ago, Vang Vieng was a sleepy village in the Laos countryside, but it is now a backpacker mecca, well known for adventure sports (especially tubing), happy pizzas, mushroom shakes, and cheap beer.  The… Read More

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Chaos, beauty, glory (Saigon)

We knew within 2-3 hours that we loved Saigon.  Like any big city in Asia, there is a certain degree of chaos that comes from the intensity of concentrated humanity.  Saigon is a very modern city, and it’s buzzing with activity.  The traffic, particularly, seems… Read More