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Road Trip

We’ve done some solid road trips since moving to Australia. We’ve driven as far south as Mudgee and the Hunter Valley in New South Wales (both trips about 10 hours drive from Brisbane), and as far north as Yeppoon in Queensland (about eight hours drive). Not… Read More

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The Air Up Here

I flew to Perth and back twice in November, once for work and once for a wedding. It’s not a long-haul flight by any means, but five and a half hours still drags, especially when there is no in-flight entertainment available (and on that issue,… Read More

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Small things chez moi

Some photos taken recently at my place, chez moi. Little details, really, continuing my interest in the play of light and shadow at home. We live in a small apartment with only pot plants for company, which means that the daily changes in our immediate surroundings are limited… Read More