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Our own little corner of Hanoi

Although I couldn’t get excited about the prospect of certain local specialities (notably dog), the description of recommended restaurants in the Lonely Planet guide meant that I arrived in Hanoi with fairly high expectations that a) we would eat well, and b) you would get… Read More

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Hoi An

We spent three nights in Hoi An, a beautiful old town about halfway up the coast of Vietnam.  It was low tourist season, and the quiet streets were so restful after the constant buzz of Saigon.  Hoi An is located on the river Thu Bon… Read More

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Saigon alleys

Each day we’ve been in Saigon we’ve found ourselves drawn to the little alleys that wind their way throughout the inner city.  Walking along the streets, these alleys suddenly open up in your peripheral vision – blink, and you’ll miss them.  They are wonderful to… Read More