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This is the end

Canggu Beach, from the hotel garden

After six nights in Ubud, we headed across the island to Canggu Beach, a quiet surf beach about one hour’s drive north of Kuta.  We stayed in the only hotel, and ate most of the time at the only local restaurant about five minutes walk away.  Each morning we sat outside under palm trees and watched people surfing while we sipped coffee, ate croissants, and remembered to eat something healthy as well (fruit).  By 9 or 10am we had claimed our loungers by the pool, and proceeded to work on our tans, dip briefly in the pool to cool off, and then retreat under the palm trees to read, doze, sip cold Bintang, and people-watch for the rest of the day.  In the evenings we went for long walks along the beach, watching beautiful sunsets, before heading to Windy’s Warung for spring rolls, fried rice, and calamari.

And so passed the final four days of our mindblowingly-awesome-more-than-I-could-ever-have-hoped-for-truly-wonderful trip.

One morning we got up early, jumped on a motorbike we had hired the night before, and rode out to Tanah Lot, one of the most important temples in Bali. The temple is carved into a large rocky outcrop right on the waters edge. Visitors are not allowed onto the temple itself, so we had to view it from afar. This photo was taken as we sipped hot coffee at a cliff-top cafe with a stunning view of the temple.

One morning as we walked along the beach, we kept seeing tiny translucent crabs crawling towards the water. More crabs appeared, then more, and then we realised that what we had thought was sand, was actually thick mounds of little crabs. There must have been millions of them. They were all gone the next day.

Wearing my new cotton batik dress for dinner on our last night.

Lychee and basil cocktail, our delicious last-night indulgence faintly tainted by the splash of a salty tear or two…


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  3. Warwick Tie

    Oops, I did let it slip to Brayden. So what are the plans from here? What’s Colin thinking of turning his skills to?

  4. Warwick Tie

    Wow, so you are Aussies now. Complete with slippery nipples and a beastie car! Have you found a place for Chez Moi to settle?

    • chezmaree

      Yeah mate it’s all doonas and thongs around here now! No settling place yet – staying with friends and family until we find somewhere to live. Will do a blog update soon on our Brisbane adventures so far.

  5. Warwick Tie

    With your tripping coming to an end, what on earth do we have to read now?

    • chezmaree

      Never fear Warwick, all is not lost! “Chez Moi” means “my place”, and since I’m not exactly sure where that is now, I intend to keep writing, although probably not as often. I’m sure I can keep finding bloggable material, such as the beasty car we bought today, the beautiful Brisbane winter, and the slippery nipple I am currently drinking. Tripping is now a state of mind (which might actually be the point of tripping after all!).

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