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Thinking of NZ, again

The first and only home we have owned, now rented.  How does it fare? This is 52a James Laurie St in February 2011, six weeks before we left. Taking this photo was part of saying goodbye.


  1. Nadine

    Home is where the heart is girlfriend.. and to a certain extent the grass will allways be greener.. wherever we are.. whatever we I reckon enjoy in the moment where you are.. know home is there when the time is right.. and I think you will know when the time is right :)) MISS YOU GUYS HEAPS THO!! Come back any time, our arms and doors are wide open for you guys any time.. XOXOXOOXOX

    • chezmaree

      we will always be nzer’s at heart and can’t imagine not moving back at some stage. Anyway, we’re not so far away, and there are Briwi’s everywhere here! Hope to cross paths when we’re back for xmas…and you guys should come visit! Twould be awesome xxxxx

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