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It’s raining

It has been raining almost constantly for two days straight, and predicted to last for at least two days more.  Several people couldn’t make it to work today because of road closures, and the Cleveland train-line was interrupted for a while because of surface flooding. … Read More

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Progressive indulgence

Colin and I returned from our Christmas and New Year celebrations in New Zealand to balmy, blue-skied Brisbane.  After a week of overcast-skies, wind, and four-days-straight-rain, there was a small part of us that relished the return to our new, tropical home.  Initially, the New… Read More

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The year that was: 12 images

2011 was momentous, a year characterised by reduction (of possessions), upheaval (from NZ, my home for 34 years), goodbyes (to those we love), movement (to unimagineable places), new experiences (and ideas), reconsolidation (of us), starting anew (an active construction), stolen moments (and beautiful light), and… Read More