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The year that was: 12 images

2011 was momentous, a year characterised by reduction (of possessions), upheaval (from NZ, my home for 34 years), goodbyes (to those we love), movement (to unimagineable places), new experiences (and ideas), reconsolidation (of us), starting anew (an active construction), stolen moments (and beautiful light), and even more travels (nine countries in total visited in 2011). The year began with a luscious pavlova in Auckland.  It drew to a close back in Auckland again, but there the similarity ends.  There’s no doubt in my mind: 2011 was our year.

Above: Pavlova after midnight, in Auckland, 1st January 2011.

Above: Saying goodbye, at Karen and Arnie’s farm, Helensville, 5th February 2011.

Above: One last trip home, Peria, Far North, 26th March 2011.

Above: The first big leg of the trip – flight from Christchurch to Kuala Lumpur, 7th April 2011.

Above: It takes a while to start winding down. This day in Hue was somehow significant – Vietnam, 9th May 2011.

Above: Our last day in beautiful, exotic and laid-back Luang Prabang, Laos, 5th June 2011.

Above: Happy on the beach, Canggu, Bali, 2nd July 2011.

Above: Old Queenslander in the winter sun, while staying with Marie & Adam in Nudgee, Brisbane, 16th August 2011.

Above: During my last few days of unemployment, at Bargara Beach, Bundaberg, 27th September 2011.

Above: Holidaying in radiant Rarotonga for Amy and Frejean’s wedding, 18th October 2011.

Above: In Adelaide for the ASSID conference, Geelig Beach, 9th November 2011.

Above: Back in NZ for Christmas, at Alan’s place in Patumahoe, South Auckland, 25th December 2011.


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  2. kaye Mc Gregor

    It certainly looks like you learnt to fly!!! I’m so pleased for you, Chez.
    I think of you often and know your future is bright.
    I loved my few years living in Australia and my daughter lives in Northern Queensland now so you never know?????

  3. That was a wonderful post, with beautiful beautiful photos. I hope 2012 is going to be an excellent year for you too!

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