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Small things: Flowers & Fur

Orange spring tulips

I‘ve always had a soft spot for tulips with their waxy petals and globular shape. I like their air of notoriety too, although it’s difficult to connect a cellophane-wrapped bunch from the supermarket with fortunes made and lost, all for the want of the rarest specimens. Still, I hardly ever buy flowers for my home, so handing over $10 for a bunch of tight orange blooms felt like a treat, even if far from a mania. The occasion for flowers was a weekend at home alone. Colin had flown to New Zealand for a work trip and on Saturday morning I was stocking up supplies for the three-day Labour weekend. So, the usual staples went into the trolley, plus a little this and that; some exotic looking yellow squash, a bar of chilli chocolate, and the tulips.

I’m always a little surprised by the offers of social events that come my way every time I’m on my own – it’s truly sweet, but I actually relish the opportunity to be alone for a while. Maybe it’s the ease of a long-term relationship – I miss him when we’re apart, but we’re each our own person. Anyway, this time I wasn’t alone because I had the company of Miss Macy Gray, the most delightful little Maltese-Poodle cross that ever was. Macy belongs to friends who were away at a wedding, so she came to stay for a girls weekend. Macy and I had long walks along the river each afternoon, hot chips with Maree on the lawn at Southbank, slow walks each dawn (slow, because she had to sniff everything), and in between, she would sleep, follow me around the house or jump up for a snuggle if I sat down.

I spent much of the weekend cooking, trialling new recipes (like socca, or chickpea pancakes) and preparing staples like chicken stock and cubes of pizza sauce for the freezer. I had an amazing dinner one night with friends at London Fields, sampling an array of strange but delicious meats including roasted bone marrow, shaved beef tongue and pork belly (a first for me). I read a book, did a little yoga and didn’t switch on the TV once. I also took many photographs. A cute puppy with melting brown eyes and a bunch of tulips that unfurled over the course of the weekend provided new points of inspiration. I realised that I had gotten out of the habit of having my camera at the ready to photograph my daily life. It took a little space to get it back: a small thing really, but rare nonetheless.

Macy Gray - Maltese Poodle cross

Crackers and cheese - weekend at home

Macy Gray - Maltese Poodle cross - Moodle

Bright orange spring tulips

Tulips - Monochrome

Fresh flowers for a weekend at home - bright orange spring tulips

Tulips 3


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  2. Lovely photographs! Thanks so much for sharing.

    My aim this year was to take more photographs, especially of flowers. It didn’t quite happen though but I will try harder next year!

    • What a great new year’s resolution! Maybe you just needed some extra time to build up to it Stephanie – I’m sure that next year will indeed be better.

  3. Delightful!! So happy to have found your blog. On a jangled day, your posts and photos soothed me. Thank you for liking my post so I could find such a treasure! 🙂

    • Hi Radhika, thank you for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment! I’ve glad that my blog made your day less ‘jangled’ (great word). I look forward to seeing more of your colourful photographs. All the best, Chez

  4. Hi Chez, your composition (in words and images) is simply gorgeous. Loving it!
    I totally relate to your weekend delight. Celebrating the senses and indulging in simple pleasures.
    Thanks for sharing it 🙂
    Hugs, Sylvia

  5. Michele

    Fleur et Fur. Love it! As everyone has commented Chez, these are beautiful photographs. And I say photographs, as opposed to photos, because the former seems more arty and the latter more snappy. And these are ARTY.

    A weekend alone (apart from the little white one), sans TV, with long walks, food experiments and experiences, and a good book to hand. Well, my idea of heaven. It can be nice to wave the boy off, especially when the parting is finite. Time for quiet moments and mediations.

    A gentle and beautiful blog. Thank you.

    And still waiting for the tahini biscuit blog!

    • I think I perfected the Art of Stillness that weekend, even if Macy did keep me on my toes (literally!). Tahini cookies are next, I promise! Life always intervenes so I always have a backlog of blog posts. Plus, I’m ever conscious of not being a ‘recipe blog’ – I like to think I’m all about the story, even if that can take a while to gel. Loved reading your comment Michele, as always xx

      • Michele

        Oh dear, you mention the art of stillness and all I can think is ‘maybe someone needs to tell her she needs a hobby’…. Still laughing. And meditations have taken on a more joyous aspect since that discussion at St Isidore’s. Yesterday my moments of stillness were fuelled by the 7.5 hour wait for the Christmas puddings to cook. Torure to endure the glorious aroma of them and the Sri Lankan inspired christmas cakes which shared the cooker, knowing they are untouchable for weeks to come.

    • Exactly Michelle! However, I’ve also been guilty (at times) of over-documenting what’s going on instead of simply experiencing the moment. It all swings in roundabouts I reckon 🙂

    • Funny – I’ve never really been a dog person (I love cats) but after dog sitting Macy a few times I think I get it now. I can even imagine having a dog of my own one day…provided someone else trains it first!

  6. I’m a tulip girl, too 🙂 I’ve also forgotten how much I used to enjoy having my camera on hand all the time… thanks for a little bit of inspiration to get back behind the lens!
    P.S. Those puppy dog eyes…!

    • I used to take photos all the time – I just kept my camera out and snapped the most random things. It got to the point where I was always looking for angles and the best light! Need to get back to that.

    • For once, no! I think I chilled out to the point I was almost horizontal, and was therefore ready to get back into my normal life. I did miss little Macy though 🙂

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