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Road Trip

We’ve done some solid road trips since moving to Australia. We’ve driven as far south as Mudgee and the Hunter Valley in New South Wales (both trips about 10 hours drive from Brisbane), and as far north as Yeppoon in Queensland (about eight hours drive). Not… Read More

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Mudgee Wine Country

After the success of our Christmas in the Hunter Valley in 2013, we decided to replicate the experience by heading to Mudgee, another wine region in NSW. As for last year, we elected to undertake a road trip, this time heading inland to follow the… Read More

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2013: 12 memories

2013 was a big year, on a number of fronts.  Much of the year was devoted to creating our new home – we still have a few things to do, but it’s becoming what we want it to be.  My year at work was crazy,… Read More

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2012: In review

On my first day back at work after Christmas, to ease the pain of thinking, I looked up all the public holidays for 2013 and entered them into my calendar.  Yet while I’m already anticipating a fulfilling 2013, I find that I’m not quite ready… Read More