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Last day in KL

Moontree House balcony

Highlights of Day 4 – after a slow start to the day, we drank coffee on the leafy balcony at Moontree House, a feminist bookstore and cafe I had noticed on my first day. Most of the books weren’t in English but the few that were ranged from classic texts, to political works on Muslim and Asian women, poverty, sexuality and art.  I happened to open a book by Iris Marion Young (a Chinese translation of Throwing like a girl, and other essays) and while randomly flicking through the pages I noticed a reference to none other than Ann Dupuis.

Ann Dupuis & David Thorns "Home, Home Ownership and Ontological Security"

Ann Dupuis & David Thorns “Home, Home Ownership and Ontological Security”

After ruminating on small worlds and Ann’s fame, we took the monorail to KL Sentral and wandered through a colourful part of town, gradually making our way to the National Museum. It was probably the hottest day so far.

Streets around KL Sentral

The museum was interesting, although we really needed more time to look around properly.  Still, we picked up a bit of history and more understanding of recent events, like Malaysia’s independence from Britain, gained only in 1957.  We headed home in time to pick up supplies (water; snacks etc), change money into US dollars (the most common currency used in Cambodia) and miss the late afternoon rain (it is SO convenient when it rains like clockwork!)

Rain on the way – entrance to Petaling St

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