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Little India

We blew our budget yesterday on the city tour, purchases at Beryl’s chocolate factory (what was I thinking to take Colin there?!), and getting sucked into a touristy restaurant for dinner.  Today we attempted to re-coup and spent the day wandering around the city, especially Little India.  First stop, coffee (2.20 Ringgit; about 50 cents each), then a visit to the Masjid Jamek mosque.  We both made dashing figures in our robes:

After working up an appetite we had a late lunch at an Indian restaurant away from the main tourist areas.  Two massive plates of chicken and vegetable curries – this quantity of food might well see us through until tomorrow morning!

Back home to wait out the afternoon rain – it rains for an hour or two around 3-4pm each day, sometimes very heavily (view from our hotel room below).  Good chance to get into my book (Keith Richards’ biography).  I can’t quite believe yet that we have three or more months of travelling…that means time to chill out as well as time to look around – how lucky are we?


  1. Warwick Tie

    I just wanted to find out how on earth Keith’s managed to live this long. Maybe it’s something to do with the 5 string open tuning (a subtle … so very subtle … Zizekean reference there).

    • chezmaree

      Yes! As you’ll know, he had 10 years at number one on the “rock star most likely to die” list. As for the Zizekian reference, can you enlighten us oh wise one?

  2. Kerry

    You’re reading Keith Richard’s biography? Really? I thought you were enjoying Thailand!

    • chezmaree

      Oh god, you’re really reading this Kerry?! Now I have to be extra careful with my sentence structure!!

      • Kerry

        I’m not only reading it, I’ve even started to analyse it!
        Keep writing. Vernacular is good.

      • chezmaree

        Analysis already!? doesn’t the fact that we know each other complicate the whole public-private online material debate? Well, technically maybe it doesn’t!

      • Kerry

        Oh, and Warwick is reading it also! What implications could that have? You’ll just have to bring Zizek (add your own macrons) into it somehow now!

  3. Warwick Tie

    Hey, very cool photos and narrative. Can almost feel the afternoon rain.

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