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Easter means chocolate

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I really like chocolate, but Colin, his love for chocolate is legendary.  One Easter about ten years ago he asked me to go all out on chocolate, to really spoil him.  I proceeded to purchase several kilos of chocolate easter eggs and hide them all around the house – in a sugar fueled frenzy, he spent the whole Easter holiday hunting out and devouring almost all of the chocolate. The quantity consumed over four days was 3.2 kilos in total, we worked out.

For much of his adult life Colin has oscillated between a fully blown chocolate addiction and periods of hard-won restraint.  I, on the other hand, was reared in a fairly puritanical household where chocolate is concerned.  A King sized bar of Cadbury’s (was there any other type of chocolate in New Zealand back then?) would last our family of six a good few weeks.  Dad used to dole out three or four squares to each person on a Saturday night when we were all watching TV.  Back then, maybe eight squares at a time was my tolerance limit – the point where the sugar and creamy texture would become overwhelming and sickly.

In the years that I have lived with Colin, my tolerance for chocolate has increased markedly.  Although I still lean more towards savoury treats, I can wholeheartedly say that I adore chocolate.  Last Easter we were in Cambodia, where the Easter holiday simply doesn’t exist, and not one egg passed my lips.  This year, Colin is most inconveniently in the middle of a very strict diet and training programme, subsisting on eight meals a day of chicken breast, tuna, brown rice, broccoli, and a revolting mixture of rolled oats soaked in water and protein powder.  Over the past 12 weeks he has buried his chocolate demons waaaaay deep.  He can barely hear them, and he wants it to stay that way.  This Easter I am eating eggs, but my consumption needs to be respectfully covert.

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I’m not a fan of milk chocolate, preferring the bitter edge of dark varieties, usually plain, melting slowly on my tounge.  I discovered a liking for salted chocolate accidently.  Years before it became a food fashion, my favourite treat at the movies was consuming salted potato chips in alternation with bites of dark chocolate.  But when it comes to Easter eggs, I’m not ashamed to admit that my favourite are the Cadbury’s marshmallow ones.  I still love to see the dyed bright orange “yolk” centre.  I have already consumed an entire bag of these, and am ready to move onto something more refined, thinking specifically of the beautiful fish-shaped Italian Easter eggs that I spied at Black Pearl Epicure a couple of weeks ago.  I have also been thinking about the chocolate tasting plate at Monty’s Chocolates in Paddington (see below), that Colin and I shared before he embarked on his current insanity regime.

My favourite amongst this selection were the cocoa-covered balls to the right of the plate – these comprised a crisp wafer and chocolate shell encasing a meltingly soft salted caramel centre.  A close second were the bright orange balls, which were dark chocolate covered candied oranges, or, Jaffa’s for adults.  Monty’s itself is a delightful shop (seen below) with a huge range of top quality imported and local chocolates.  I’m seriously salivating now – one guess where I’ll be on Saturday morning.  Happy Easter everyone!


  1. haha, just been catching up reading on your blogs (which I love!!!) and yes, Colin and his chocolate are legendary … so funny to read about it and remind me though

    • chezmaree

      I actually had another Colin-chocolate story that was even better, but he wouldn’t let me put it online…the chocolate monster doth blush at the extent of his own gluttony 🙂

  2. To quote Homer Simpson ‘hmmmmm Chocolate (insert image of Homer drooling)! Loved the post and Cadbury’s chocolate.

    Capt. Savage

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