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Sunshine Coast Hinterland 1: sea/sun

This is my first two-part post.  It feels rather indulgent, as I have been telling myself that I need to exercise more restraint in my posts – fewer words, in particular.  But I am too attached to too many photos of our weekend away in the Sunshine Coast hinterland to restrict myself to one post.  And, I insist on sticking to my Very Important Rule of a maximum of 10 photos per post (ok, ok, sometimes 12).  So, restraint can wait a bit.

I was dying for a long weekend.  I’m currently hoarding my leave for a trip back to NZ in November, but after being sick on and off for the whole of June and July I craved a few days of relaxation and finally just booked a few night away.  We left Brisbane on Friday morning and spent the day driving up the Coast through Caloundra, Mooloolaba and Noosa, before circling inland through Eumundi, arriving in Witta (near Maleny) in the late afternoon.  We rented a lovely self-contained cottage in the bush for the weekend – more about that in the next post.  For now, a few images: the transition from Coast to country, a delicious lunch at Season, and a dazzling sunset watched from the Schultz Rd lookout.

Five-day weekends should come every few weeks.  That’s really not unreasonable.


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