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Eat, Pray, Whatever

It’s not difficult to see why Bali is a very popular tourist destination: the landscapes are often very beautiful with rice fields and terraces everywhere, traditional Balinese compounds and temples lining the streets, and beaches that stretch endlessly along the coastline.  It also feels like… Read More

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More Temples of Angkor

While Angkor Wat is wonderful, there are many other beautiful temples that we have visited.  On our first full day, we explored Angkor Thom, which was actually a large city, and the capital of Cambodia until the 17th century.  It covers 900 hectares, and is… Read More

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Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the largest, and most well known of the Temples of Angkor.  It is massive, with the temple structures, grounds and moat covering almost 200 hectares.  It’s actually the world’s largest religious monument, and has been in continuous use since it was built… Read More