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More Temples of Angkor

While Angkor Wat is wonderful, there are many other beautiful temples that we have visited.  On our first full day, we explored Angkor Thom, which was actually a large city, and the capital of Cambodia until the 17th century.  It covers 900 hectares, and is completely surrounded by walls, and a moat.  Within the complex itself there are many temples, terraces, and pools.  The most impressive temple within the city is The Bayon, which used to be the State Temple of King Jayavarman VII (who founded Angkor Thom).

Bayon Temple

Close-up of one of the many faces carved into the towers of Bayon

Walking towards Bapuon Temple (the Palais Royale)

Temple of Phimeanakas

Looking down on Elephant Terrace

Colin about to receive a blessing from a nun – at Chao Say Tevoda.  This temple has received extensive reconstruction.

Cambodian boy running through Chao Say Tevoda

Stalls outside Thommanon Temple

At the beautiful Ta Prohm Temple

Silk cotton tree roots at Ta Prohm Temple

On our second day at the temples we started at Preah Khan, which appears to have once been a Buddhist university.  We also saw Neak Pean, an unusual small temple constructed on a circular island in the centre of a pond.  We finished at Ta Som, a beautiful small temple in a semi-ruined state.

Nun at Preah Khan Temple

Preah Khan

Neak Pean (small Temple surrounded by moat).  It’s dry season right now so the water was very low.

Cool interior, Ta Som Temple.  Originally, a Buddha would have rested in the centre of the yoni symbol (many artifacts have been stolen from the temples)

Ta Som

On the third day at the temples we visited Kulan Mountain, which is where the stone for the temples was mined (more on this later).  On the way home we visited an outlying temple, Banteay Srei (constructed of glowing pink sandstone), and Pre Rup, built around 961.  We have only seen maybe 40% of all the temples so far.

Carvings at Banteay Srei, a highly decorative temple dedicated to women

At Pre Rup Temple, with the late afternoon sun directly behind me


  1. Bob

    So many temples – but the power of nature, the tree roots is totally amazing. You should see Siam Reap when it floods !! Can’t wait to get over there. Bob

    • Hi Bob! We did have a torrential downpour while we were in Siem Reap. It was the middle of the night and the lightening flashes were like a strobe light and the rain was so incredibly heavy that the drains and roads overflowed in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t even the wet season! Amazing indeed.

    • Thank you Anika! It feels like so long ago that we were there…I would love to go again as there is so much that we didn’t have time to see. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  2. Kirsty Milne

    Hey Chez, just had a chance to have a good look over your postings & pickies etc. Amazing to say the least……. very awesome! Love those tree roots!!!
    Hugs xo Love Kirsty & Clan

    • chezmaree

      Thanks Kirsty! Yes those tree roots are amazing. It was actually really difficult choosing photos for these posts, partly because I have so many that I wanted to upload. I just went for a small selection that I hope gives a hint of what it’s like to see the temples in person. Love to all at your place xxx

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