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Kuala Lumpur

Day 1 in KL: Settling into our hotel in Chinatown. We walk directly out of the front doors to bustling chaos – hawkers, street food, T-shirts, watches…every space dedicated to selling something. So many smells – sweet incense, acrid dried fish, and exhaust fumes all in the same breath – fantastic! Had dinner at a vegetarian stall – two full bellies for 13 ringgit (about $6.30 NZD).

Day 2 in KL: booked a tour of major city sights. First stop, the King’s Palace where Colin turned out to be the major attraction of the day. He could hardly walk 10 steps without someone asking if they could take his photo. We really have to figure out how to milk this one!

The Chinese Temple – at first this seemed a bit cheesy, but it grew on us.  These yellow lanterns helped.

We also went up KL tower, the fourth tallest building in the world. From this vantage point the smog looked pretty thick…

Last stop was the Petronas Towers – truly spectacular:

Still adjusting to the new timezone – heading to bed shortly zzz


  1. Terry Cook

    Glad to see this has finally begun, I was about to call you two either tomorrow or Tuesday, but I don’t think I will now. Tell Uncle Colin if he gets sick of having his photo taken he should just put one of his cheese cutter hats on (if that’s what they are called) that should sort the problem out. Have fun and if you get time email me on my new email, if not I will just check in here frequently.

    Best of luck, your nephew

    • chezmaree

      Haha, very funny (although Colin says “cheeky nephew”). Will email you soon Terry, and thanks for subscribing to the blog!
      Love Chez

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